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In Memoriam Vern Kagarice

Program Notes

This piece is a tribute to the memory of Vern Kagarice, long time trombone professor at the University of North Texas.

Vern’s wife Jan is a bass trombonist, so the instrumentation of tenor and bass trombone soloists plus trombone choir accompaniment sets up nicely to echo their respective specialties.

In Memoriam portrays the inevitable struggles encountered in life through the use of half and whole step dissonant intervals. The second section, in 6/8, has a sort of perpetual motion feel, reflecting the busy, multifaceted nature of Vern’s career.

The end of the piece features a chorale tune which emerges from the dissonance to send Vern to his final resting place in peace.

Click Here for a free PDF download of the score and parts for In Memoriam Vern Kagarice.

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