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AZ Regional Audition Help

This page is intended for Arizona High School trombonists who want help with their regional and all state honor ensemble auditions.

Here are videos with help for each component of the audition:

Etude 1:

Etude 2:

Etude 3:

Etude 4:

Etude 5:


Sight Reading:

Here are a few additional tips:

1. You should already be regularly practicing your fundamentals well before your audition; long tones, articulation, slide technique, high and low range, and dynamic contrasts. These important attributes are best cultivated slowly over time and are the most important things you can practice to improve.

2. Here is the breakdown of the scoring for your audition:

each scale is worth 150 points (2 majors and chromatic)
each etude is worth 200 points (3 etudes)
sight reading is worth 250 points

Considering this, you would be wise to spend an adequate amount of time on each component…don’t neglect your scales or sight reading. You will be asked 3 scales: 2 major scales and a chromatic scale. Be sure you have a plan for playing these before you enter the room.

Here is a download of all the scales you might be asked in the required octaves:


3. Your preparation should include recording yourself and listening back; you will be surprised by what you hear if you have never try this. It is one of the most effective practice strategies.

4. Ask other musicians to listen to you and provide feedback. Come and see me to set up a lesson for extra help – use this contact form to request a lesson:

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