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Welcome to Trombonetools, a web site designed to help trombonists improve musicianship through innovative and effective trombone teaching tools.

My name is David Vining and I have been teaching trombone on the college level for about 30 years. Throughout Trombonetools, I’ll give you a few strategies you can use immediately to improve; in addition, I’ll match playing topics with the appropriate resources so you’ll know where to turn for even more help.

To get started, select a playing topic from the menu bar above – all the topics are listed alphabetically. You can also use the nifty search widget by typing in a keyword to link to the relevant sections of Trombonetools.

Under the search widget you will find an additional menu of links that are not playing-related, but may still provide you with some help and guidance.

  • I am also offering Zoom lessons – click on Zoom Lessons to fill out the request form if you are interested.
  • Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact me with your suggestion or request.

Enjoy Trombonetools!