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Method Books

Method books are books that feature exercises designed to help you improve a specific part of your playing such as legato playing, fast slide technique, range, articulation, etc. I have not included any of my own books here because they can be located easily throughout trombonetools and in the resources section. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are some of my favorites, divided by topic:


Melodious Etudes, books 1, 2, and 3 – Marco Bordogni, Arr. by Rochut

This book is perhaps the most standard book in a trombone player’s repertoire and is used by every reputable trombone teacher – for good reason. There is not a better resource for learning how to play smoothly on the trombone because these etudes are vocalises, meaning they were meant to be sung originally. There is no better model for playing connected phrases than the human voice. The link above leads to an edition that features piano accompaniment that you can play along with.

Legato Etudes – Giuseppe Concone, Arr. Shoemaker

A simpler version of the Bordogni etudes, this book was also originally intended to be sung.


60 Studies – Georg Kopprasch

These etudes are excellent for developing slide technique, tonguing, and flexibility. One of the most standard books for trombone.

Complete Method – J. B. Arban, Annotated by Joseph Alessi

This very thick book is perhaps the most famous method among all the brass instruments. Originally a trumpet book, it has been transposed for all brass instruments and the trombone version linked here has been annotated by Joe Alessi.

Clefs / Style:

Clef Studies – Vladimir Blazhevich

This book contains a lot more than just clefs. There are ample challenges to slide technique, intonation, range, musicality, and musical style.

Bass Trombone / Low Studies for Tenor Trombone:

36 Studies for Trombone with F Attachment – Oskar Blume, Arr. Fink

This book features etudes that require the F attachment valve and is terrific for opening up the low register and tuning valve notes.

70 Studies for Tuba – Vladislav Blazhevich

This book contains the same etudes as Blazhevich’s Clef Studies listed above transposed down into the bass trombone / tuba range.

Warm-Ups / Fundamentals

The Remington Warm-Up Studies – Emory Remington, Ed. Hunsberger

This is perhaps the most famous warm- up book and should be in every trombone player’s library. It contains basic long tones, lip slurs, and tonguing drills.

Lip Slur Melodies – Brad Edwards

This clever book relies exclusively on changing notes using natural slurs. It is a musical way you can learn this important technique.

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